From V.I.N. 6F-60001 H5 (1975)
- model production in 6 different colors: blue, black, red, purple, orange, copper (some colors were used only for the US market)

From V.I.N. matricola 6F-60001 H6 (1976)
- new tank decal "AMF - HARLEY DAVIDSON" with 5 unidirectional stripes, replace old decal with 6 stripes (only in the US market)

From V.I.N. 6F-60001 H8 (1978)
- new tank decal "AMF - HARLEY DAVIDSON" with 5 unidirectional stripes, replace old decal with 6 stripes (also in the EU market)
- new HD SST 125 emblem (eagle), replace old HD SS 125 emblem (eagle)
- electronic tachometer added
- new support instruments, replace old plate support
- new ignition key, placed at in the middle between instruments
- brake disc placing drum disc
- new DANSI flywheel 101511, replace DANSI flywheel 100973

From V.I.N. 6F-80001 H8 (1978)
- model production in 3 different colors: blue, black, red
- new HD-CAGIVA logo, replace old AMF-HARLEY DAVIDSON
- new CAGIVA SST 125 emblem (elephant), replace old HD SST 125 emblem (eagle)
- new air box and new air filter
- new starter cranck
- new rear wheel hub
- new rear braking pedal
- new rear shok absorbers

From V.I.N. 6F-8????
- new tank snap cap, replace tank screw cap

From V.I.N. 6F-82701
- clutch cable clamp modified

From V.I.N. 6F-83033
- added washers between crankshaft and piston rod
- new piston rod
- new right crankcase cover housing "short type" oil pump, replace old right crankcase housing "long type" oil pump
- new sticker with instructions to mount "short type" oil pump, replace the same for "long type" oil pump.
- new "short type" oil pump, replace old "long type" oil pump
- new screws to fix new oil pump (less long)

From V.I.N. 6F-83172
- new pawl carrier
- new shifter cam

From V.I.N. 6F-83352
- new transmission cable (gas + oil pump)

From V.I.N. 6F-84123 (modello 1980)
- model production in 4 different colors: blue, black, white, gray
- added center stand (serie)
- new CAGIVA logo (decals), replace HD-CAGIVA logo
- new piston set (blue, pink, green, yellow)
- new piston rings
- less clutch plate (from 6 to 5)
- less clutch equiped plate (from 6 to 5)
- new clutch releasing sisc assy
- some chassis changes
- new rear footrest
- new BETOR LLOBE front fork assembly, replacing CERIANI front fork
- added CAGIVA plate on steering plate
- added dust guards
- new chain guard
- new swing arm assy (circular section)
- new handlebar type
- right device removed (engine stop)
- new left device (light command)
- replaced brackets on handlebar
- clutch and brake levers painted in black (no chrome)
- new cable adjusting screw
- new rear fender (large tye)
- rear fender, hardware and rubber grommets modified
- new front brake command
- new oil delivery pipe
- new carburator VHBT 27 AD, replace VHB 27 AD
- integral wheel as optional with spokes wheel
- new electrical wiring
- new blinkers
- number plate holder: new fixing system
- new number plate holder

From V.I.N. 6F-85654
- new seat assy
- rubber seat fixed with screw, instead snap

From V.I.N. 6F-86692
- new cylinder head gasket
- new o-rings

From V.I.N. 6F-91524 (modello 1981)
- new cylinder head gasket
- added "cagiva" decal on left crankcase cover

From V.I.N. 6F-91939
- new rear sprocket Z=62 serial (alt. Z=61, Z=63) replacing sprocket Z=59 di serial (alt. Z=60)

From V.I.N. 6F-92184
- new speedometer and counter rubber holders

From V.I.N. 6F-92525
- new screws and rubbers to fix instruments
- large washer for ground cable

From V.I.N. 6F-93023
- new DANSI flywheel 102222, replace DANSI 101511 flywheel

From V.I.N. 6F-93547
- new mounting tank rubbers

From V.I.N. 6F-94301
- hardware forks replaced

From V.I.N. 6F-95601
- removed shifter cam bushings
- countershaft bushing pin, replacing bronze bushing
- new countershaft, with right axis increased

From V.I.N. 6F-104024 (modello 1982)
- new color: red, limited edtion
- new screw set right crankcase cover
- added plate cable guide on the frame
- added washer for mounting tank rubbers

From V.I.N. 6F-104384
- new shifter clutch main shaft 5th
- new fork gear shifter 5th
- new 4th gear

From V.I.N. 6F-108816
- electronic ignition MOTOPLAT replace old DANSI
- new MOTOPLAT coil
- new MOTOPLAT regulator
- new electrical wiring
- high speed jet 90, replace old 85/82
- green indicator "lights", replace red indicator "gen"
- new counter, 30000 impulse, replace 20000 impulse.
- new decal "lights - turn - high beam", replace "gen - turn - high beam"
- added new decal "electronic ignition" on left cover engine
- new fuse holders
- fuse 15 ampère, replace fuse 16 ampère
- new cable connection for rear blinkers
- new ignition switch

From V.I.N. 6F-119024 (Low Rider)
- special edition: Low Rider model (custom)

From V.I.N. 6F-121025 (SST Aletta models)
- model production in 8 different colors: black, cyan, white, gray, red, green oil, copper e bicolored red/gray for Aletta Official
- spoke wheels option removed.
- new oil tank
- new left crankcase housing neutral switch
- new head lamp
- fuel tank modified for fuel level spy
- added oil spy switch
- added neutral spy switch
- added fuel spy switch
- added windshield
- added acustic signl for blinkers
- new decals + logo cagiva emblem
- new command keys
- new ignition switch
- new lateral standing
- reinforced frame to fix spoiler
- new speedo and counter design
- new tail light support and new len
- added rear spoiler
- serial luggage corrier
- new rear brake pedal
- new rear fender
- new electrical wiring
- modified bulb holders for windshield

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