Journey and challenges

Here they are, the "mad guys" as i have always called them! The legendary Marco and Mattia from Pistoia city (Italy) that riding their bikes, a Cagiva SST 125 and a Lambretta Serveta 200, have ventured around Europe seeking... their facts! The bikes: Marco with a Cagiva SST 125 with electronic ignition system, inherited from the older sister and refurbishied to a new life, Mattia with Lambretta Serveta 200 manufactured in Spain, in Elbar city in the Basque country. And it is there that begins the adventure of these two boys, with the first trip to Spain to visit the Lambretta factory. Not content, followed by the second visit to Turkey and the third trip to Eastern Europe with the fixed goal to reach Romania and travel the famous Transfăgărăşan (see image below) one of the most beautiful roads and toughest in the world.

For those wishing to identify themselves in their journeys you can consult their daily logbook. Just click on the underlying maps to be directed to their site. Good luck!

The Spain trip
(km 2000)

The Turkey trip
(km 2500)

The Romania trip - Transfăgărăşan
(km 4200)



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